Some time ago I bought a BoardUp Lite skateboard ( and I found it to be a fanstastic skateboard! It's light and small but it also feels like a normal longboard while riding it. But just like any skateboard, it can be tiring to use them when you have to travel 4-5 km. The best solution to this problem would be an electric version of this skateboard, and this already exists! BoardUp makes the BoardUp Bolt+ ( which has many of the benefits that I was looking for, but it is not that good on some other aspects:

  • It's quite expensive, at 700 USD, and I had a budget of around 400 euros (including the 150 euros that I spend to buy the skateboard in the first place)
  • It's heavy (7.6 kg) due to the dual hub motors.

Therefore I took my BoardUp Lite skateboard and built my customized electric version. To keep it light I decided to make it belt driven, this way I could use a smaller motor. I also used a single motor instead of two and I increased the battery size slightly, from 160 Wh to 194 Wh. From my esitmations, this should be equivalent to a range of 18 km, for my current weight. I managed all of this while keeping the weight at 5.9 kg.

To keep the cost low I decided to build my own battery. This meant buying a spot welder, but I see that as an investment rather than an extra cost. Spot welder excluded, the battery (18 cells + BMS) cost me only 50 euros. The rest of the components were:

  1. VESC (open source electronic speed controller)
  2. 5065 brushless engine
  3. Switch
  4. 3D printed case
  5. Some old skateboard trucks that I has from an old longboard
  6. Pulleys, belt and motor bracket
  7. The BoardUp Lite skateboard

All of that cost me 450 euros, just over my budget but still acceptable.

I started testing, but I had problems with the belt skipping. Therefore now I am waiting for a new belt drive system which should compleately remove belt skipping...hopefully it arrives soon.

I will update you once everything arrives, and I'll let you know the details of its performance and range.