What is ULTRA Bass Powerful Amplifier?

An amplifier circuit represents a circuit which just multiplies the input signal by a constant/variable amount (Depending upon various circuit conditions) and provides an output signal which we call the amplified signal, so the ULTRA Bass Amplifier is nothing but a high power amplifier with high gain and capable of Amplifying Small signals (mainly sounds ) and it adds the Bass Property to the sound waves which reduce the noise level also.

Materials from UTSource.net

  • D718 Transistor (2 nos)  
  • 10 Ohm 20 Watt 
  • C2383 Transistor  
  • 100k Resistor 
  • 2.2 Ohm Resistor 
  • 104 P.F. Capacitor (4 nos) 
  • 25V 220 UF Capacitor 
  • 25V 2220 UF Capacitor 
  • 50K Volume 

   10. 1.5K Resistor (2 nos)

Step By Step Procedure for the entire Project:-

Step 1: First the 2 D718 Transistor has to be fixed in an insulating console (bed) via screws.

Step 2: Then Take a piece of cardboard (Rectangular shape and the area must be three times bigger than the bed ) and fix the bed in a corner of this cardboard via high-adhesive glues.

Step 3: Connect Emitter of the First Transistor to the second and repeat this step for the Base and the Collector.

The above figure shows that ho to connect the Base, Emitter and Collector of the transistors to one another.

Step 4: Connect the 10 Ohm side to the Collector of any of the Transistors and keep open the 20 Watt side for now as shown in the below figure.

Step 5: Connect the C283 Emitter Connection to the Base of Combined DN718 as shown in the below figure.

Step 6: Now Connect the 100k Resistor to the Base and Collector of the C2383 as shown in the below figure.

Step 7: Now the 2200Uf +ve has to connected to the Collector Terminal of D718.



Step 8: Now 2200 Ohm Resistor has to connected to the Collector Terminal of D718.




Step 9: The 104 Pf in emitter has to be connected to the Emitter and 2.2 Ohm Resistor as shown in the figure.

Now till this step, our initial circuit is ready now we have to make our bass, Treble Circuit.

Step 1: Now place the volume controllers via glue in sidewise arrangement as shown in the figure.

Step 2: Connect the 104 Pf Capacitors to the Volume Control with wires as

shown in the below figure .

Step 3: Now make the entire connection of the control panel as per the given below proper circuit diagram

After completion of this step, the external arrangement should look like the below picture.


Now, this control panel circuit of the Amplifier is complete.

Now Connect the Subwoofer as per the shown below figure and test the entire system.

So now connect mobile and enjoy the amplified sound you can check the proper amplification by just placing some paper balls on the woofer , it will be in dancing state.




So from the construction of this circuit, we come to this end and have seen that by minimum expenditure we can make our own Ultra Bass Powerful Amplifier in our home, so keep making and adding stuff and electronics world and enjoy music for now.