1. What planet-changing IoT project do you want to build? 

With the increasing need of shift from conventional energy sources to much sustainable options, solar energy is emerging as one of the option being invested the most into. With the huge solar parks made across the country, the conventional wired monitoring system for the panels are used that is not only inefficient but also difficult to maintain. Also, as the size of plants keep on increasing, the cost for installation of wired system goes up considerably. With an IoT based monitoring device, the complexity reduces as the real time statistics along with the activity of the panels. A WiFi based solution could be used that could update the real time value of voltage being produced by the panels. If this value go below a threshold, the panel could be marked as faulty and instantaneous information could be sent directly to maintenance staff. Also, with boards being capable of driving relays (industrial grade solid state relays), the panel could be disconnected off grid in cases of overshoot or merely for maintenance purpose. 

2. Which Cypress PSoC® 6 Dev Kit would you like to use for the project and why? 

Preferably CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT could be used as it can support WiFi connection, and a secure protocol for connection could be implemented over it that could prevent any unauthorized access to the panels. Also, with a display attached, the maintenance would become easier.

3. How will you use AWS IoT or other cloud services in your project? 

The use of a cloud service is critical in the project to put the data in a csv file that could be viewed by admin and also to implement the commands using HTTP for relay switching.

4. What is your experience level with embedded IoT design?

We have worked on various IoT projects in past 3 years and are well versed with mbedOS and stm32 boards. Some of the projects we made are, home automation systems, metro token system, traffic light system using image processing through cloud service. Certifications in the same field also done.