An Audio Level Indicator (VU meter) or a volume unit meter, are electronic devices that display the intensity of any Input audio signal, usually in musical pieces of equipment (Drum sets, mic, electric guitars, amps, speakers, etc.). More specifically, it helps to visualize analog signals. So, In this project, we are going to design a simple Audio Level Indicator (VU meter) using the LM3914N dot/bar display driver IC

Hardware Required

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You will need the following parts to build this project.


Solder IC Base

Solder All LED’s

Solder Potentiometer & 1.2K Resistor

Solder Electret Mic

Cut Signal Wire of audio cable

Solder Audio Cable in Paralell to Mic

Solder Power Connector

Let’s Powerup the Circuit

Circuit Diagram

audio level indicator vu meter circuit lm3914