Quantity   Component name
1 × LoLin V3 NodeMCU12E - I prefer this 3.3V board since it includes 5V VU output from the USB charger to power relays.
3 × 17X10 protoboard. I mount the NodeMCU board across two of them. This makes it easy to wire and creates two isolated areas .
1 × 4 channel relay
1 × photoresistor to detect furnace ON LED so no electrical connection between furnace and NodeMCU
1 × telephone jacks and cords for remote sensors
2 × DHT22 temp and humidity sensor
1 × M-M and M-F Dupont wires
1 × Micro USB cable
1 × 5VDC phone charger power supply for NodeMCU and relays
3 × Waterproof Stainless Steel DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
1 × 4.7K pull up resistor. Connects yellow data wire to 3.3V on digital temp sensor. Can have multiple temp sensors in parallel on s
1 × DS3231 Real Time Clock board
1 × CR2032 battery for Real Time Clock
1 × MCP23017 16 I/O expander chip. Allows NodeMCU to address up to 128 I/O, 16 per chip. Same 2 I2C I/O as DS3231 RTC.
2 × BME280 Humidity, Temperature and Altitude sensors to replace DHT22s