01. Vision, Guiding Principles and Requirements

A project log for UX Prototyping Platform for IoT/Hardware Projects

Allowing you to create user interface prototypes that combine hardware and software interface elements.

Lennart HennigsLennart Hennigs 06/02/2020 at 22:090 Comments

Vision & Guiding Principles

As we learned in UX 101, all products should start with an idea, a vision or statement that captured its essence. Here was mine of building a UX prototyping platform: Be able to build physical (IoT) prototypes, combining hardware and software user interface elements, fast and easy. 

Even though this is quite a broad statement, ease of use and being fast were key aspects of the concept. To better capture the concept I wrote down some guiding principles. These were meant to help me make design decisions when building the solution.

All of these statements explain what makes the solution easy to work with and allows for fast results.


When thinking about prototypes that integrate hardware and software prototypes I came up the following needs:

  1. We want a stand-alone box to be our server. It should boot up and be ready. And it should be accessible remotely since we don’t know how and where we will use it. 
  2. We want a prototyping tool that produces HTML and the HTML needs to be accessible to us. HTML we can extend and tinker with. We can add and enhance it. Tools like InVision are of no use.
  3. The HTML code must we stored on a web server then we can update and change it on the fly. Plus, we can view it on different devices.
  4. We need a way to update the HTML prototype based on the data we receive or send from the hardware.
  5. Thus, we need protocols to transfer and store information between the the hardware components and the HTML prototype. 
  6. We want wireless connectivity between the hardware components and the server. This removes the need to solder or connect wires. The components can then also be located further away from the server box. 
  7. The behavior of the hardware components must be easy to update and to change. So we can still make changes to the prototype without taking everything apart. 

These requirements did not only help me make design decisions but also will provide some structure for the notes to come...