Keycap Panzers,Von!

A Cherry MX compatible Keycaps with themes of Tanks(Panzers) or other similar topics for Enthusiasts.

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Recently, I bought a new LCD-based 3D printer from Ali.

After printing some keycaps for previous project, I found maybe a cap modded with tank's turret was an interesting idea. After some CAD/CAM works, waiting time for printer, and several times of testing ,about 18 types of turrets was finally constrcuted, just suitable once-printed for the 5" printer I owned.

Some tanks' design work - It's important considering different detail performance in small-scaled models by 3d-printer.

My first try, A T-34-85 caps. The cap is not for Cherry but for Kailh-Choc. Just like red candies. 

I transplanted for standard keycaps (and it's OEM Height.)

However, the cap is not quite suitable for the key switch. After layout fixed two times, I tried again and much better.

After testing several times, I fulfilled the plant bed of printer. All the 18 types of tank turrets were printed just once.

The red and transparent material printed at first cased lots of trouble for taking photos. 

So I turned my phone's cam to monochrome mode, and something interesting happened! 

Look! A Soviet tank company was found by the German Ju-87 Bomber. (OK, I know the bug - T54/55. ) 

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    ryeCache TianMeow06/02/2020 at 23:51 0 comments

    Now all 18 types of keycaps are from 4 countries.

    AMX-30, Centurion, Churchil, Cromwell, IS-2, Leopard I,

    M3, M4, M26, M48, Matilda, Pz IV, 

    Pz V, Pz VI, Pz VI B, T-34, T-54 ,T-34-85.

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