Part No. PS11036


Designed for specific application PS11036, by Mitsubishi Electric, is flat base insulated type Power Supply Module, consisting of 3-phase Bridge for AC to DC conversion. IGBT Inverter Bridge for 3 Phase is configured using latest diode and gate technology. PS11036 has motor rating of 2.2KW at 200V AC with Inverter output 100% capacity of 11.0A rms (root mean square) and for 60Sec it can provide up to 16.5A rms that is 150% of its Output.

Following are the main characteristics of the module; 

    • P-Side IGBTs: Drive circuit, high-level-shift circuit, bootstrap circuit supply scheme for Single Control-Power-Source drive, and under voltage (UV) protection.
    • N-Side IGBTs: Drive circuit, DC-Link current sense and amplifier circuits for over current protection, control-supply under-voltage protection (UV), and fault output (FO) signaling circuit.
    • Fault Output: N-side IGBT short circuit (SC), over-current (OC), and control supply under-voltage (UV).
    • Inverter Analog Current Sense: N-Side IGBT DC-Link Current Sense.
    • Input Interface: 5V CMOS/TTL compatible, Schmitt Trigger input, and Arm-Shoot-Through interlock protective function.
    • For Inverter: Supply Voltage 450 V with surge range of 500V, Collector Current for each output at case temperature of 25°C is +/-30A with mean peak Value of +/-60A.
    • For Converter: Recommended input Voltage is 220V and repetitive peak reverse voltage is 800V. DC output rated current of 3 phase rectifying circuit is 30A.
    • For Control unit: Supply Voltage range is -0.5V to 20V and Fault output current is 15mA.


Application specific inverter and converter package is designed as noiseless motor control module. System has thermal capacity of 125°C max for Junction Temperature and minimum value of -20°C. Module is equipped with Current Abnormality Protection which is achieved by filtering the N-Side DC Bus current. Over Current Protection is deployed with 10 micro seconds when the line current reached the 250% of rated Load Current.

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