Livestream testing out the STUSB4500 Power Delivery IC

A project log for TS100 Flex-C-Friend

An Open Source external module for powering a stock TS100 Soldering Iron using USB C Power Delivery

Brian LoughBrian Lough 06/08/2020 at 10:000 Comments

I will be doing a livestream this evening testing out a STUSB4500 reference board to determine is it a good fit for this project.

Unlike the IP2721, The STUSB4500 has configurable power delivery profiles so we can determine if the power supply can provide enough current at the rated voltage. For a restive load like the TS100, the current draw requirement drops proportionally to voltage so it would be good to be able to set the current requirements for more than one voltage level.

It looks like the heavy lifting on developing a sketch for programming it has already been done by the Github user oxplot. Oxplot also sells a board based on the STUSB4500 on tindie, although at time of writing this he is sold out.

Come join me later if you want to hang out and watch me try this out. If it works out and we get time, I'll start designing the new PCB on stream too. Link for the stream is the youtube video below.