This design is made of 3 printed circuit boards. One board controls the device with a SOIC ATTINY85 microcontroller. The remaining two boards each have two UV LEDs and are connected to the main board via jumper cables. It’s powered by a 9V 2A barrel jack input, for which AC adapters are widely available.

Encased in a 3D printed clamshell enclosure, the UV sanitizer is mainly composed of four high-power 6.5V UV-C LEDs, a power switch, a 7-segment display timer, and a microcontroller. The high-power UV LEDs destroy bacteria and deactivate viruses within 5 minutes, according to the manufacturer’s specification. The 7-segment display counts down so the user knows when the cleaning has finished. Once the timer reaches zero, the UV lights shut off and the item can be retrieved from the enclosure.

The clamshell enclosure is used to encase your item while it disinfects it in 5 minutes. This design ensures that the item you’re sanitizing is exposed to the UV light on both sides by having LEDs on both the top and bottom halves of the shell while your item sits between them on a glass plate.

All of the files required for building this UV Sanitizer can be found on our blog titled Creating a UV Sanitizer.