DIY Solar On-grid System for Your Home

This will instruct you how to design to get exact estimated power from the Sun!

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After 6 months using on-grid solar system at our home, we decided to share our experiment about designing and usage. We hope this can help you to design on-grid solar system to get exact electricity amount at your location, from this calculation, you can balance between cost of system vs money from saving energy.

We tried to summarize steps in video, please watch it or read instruction detail

circuit - en3.png

Solar circuit - Connection diagram

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circuit - en2.png

Solar circuit - Single line diagram

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    Step 1: Part List

    This project will use mainly those part:

    1. On-grid solar Inverter (relavant type:

    2. Solar panel (relavant type:

    3. Lightning absorber DC

    4. Lightning absorber AC

    5. Fuse DC

    6. Circuit breaker

    7. Cables DC

    8. Cables AC

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    Step 2: Determine Your Saving

    Let's ask yourself that how much power you want solar system will cover your electric bill each month.

    For example, each month your home consumes 560kWh, now you want solar system can produce electricity with amount 80% of that 560kWh. Then, solar system must produce 0.8*560=448kWh each month at your location

    If you want to save more or less, just do a simple math to find how much solar system have to produce.

    Of course, the larger solar system, the bigger budget you need to prepare!

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    Step 3: Size Solar System

    Now, for example, you want solar system that can produce 448kWh each month at your location. So, what kind of solar system can meet that requirement? How to calculate?

    Fortunately, we can easily to do that.

    Come to web page "Global Solar Atlas"

    At this page, choose your location, then input install direction, angle and total power (of PV panels)

    Normally, the page will automatically show best direction, angle at your location in which solar will get biggest energy from sun. The only thing you need to do is adjust total power at "Installed capacity" from 1kWp (default) to 4kWp

    Let's see: 4kWp system will produce 5521kWh/year ~ 460kWh/month which is near our requirement (448kWh/month). This number is acceptable for us.

    If you custom the requirement each month, then adjust "Installed capacity" until total producing power meet your custom requirement.

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