Part number: 2SC1971


2SC1971 is NPN silicon designed and fabricated with planar type epitaxial transistor. Most of electronic RF amplifiers are based on this module. The amplifiers cascaded on VHF band mobile radio applications are also configured with the help 2SC1971.

Features and specifications: 

  • It is available as a 4-Pin DIP hole module and SMT package also
  • The forward input voltage is 1.25v
  • The collector to emitter voltage is 80V (max)
  • The collector current variations is up to 50mA to the maximum
  • Cut off frequency and rise is 80kHz
  • The rise and fall time are 18 micro seconds
  • The emitter is ballasted with the gold metallization coating to increase the reliability and performance.

Pinout configuration and terminology: 

Pin Number

Pin name

Pin description

Pin 1


The pin 1 of the 2SC1971 is a base or the ground terminal pin

Pin 2


The pin 2 is emitter source pin from the base



The pin 3 is collector to ground connected pin terminal

Pin 4


Pin 4 is also a emitter terminal


  • It is a high gain voltage drive component, which reduces drive requirements
  • Used in micro controller input and output switching circuits
  • Used in power amplifiers
  • 2SC1971 is also used in VHF band applications

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