Part number: FGD4536


FGD4536 is a optimum performance for PDP applications, it is required where the low conduction and switching losses are essential and utilized. The PDP based modular systems are designed and fabricated with the help of FGD4536 module, it has high switching characteristics and dependable variable speed.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Capacity to handle high carrying current loads
  • The input impedance offered is very high
  • Consists of a high switching characteristics
  • Fast switching compatible and reliable
  • Maintained saturation voltages and currents

Pinout Configuration and Schematic:

The pinout configuration and schematic of the FGD4536 are

The schematic of FGD4536 is as shown below 


1.Used in the PDP based systems for the amplification

2. Application in fast speed switching systems

3. PDP and high input field regulation characteristics 

Video on Yotube:

Pin Number

Pin name

Pin Description

Pin 1


Pin 1 is a ground or base terminal of the source component

Pin 2


The pin 2 is a emitter connected terminal

Pin 3


The pin 3 is a collector terminal high source output configured