M5Stack ATOM Echo

M5Stack ATOM Echo is a tiny programmable smart speaker and is part of the M5Stack ATOM series with a size of only 24x24x17mm and a weight of 10g, and it includes the following:

  • ESP32-PICO (240MHz dual-core, Wi-Fi & BLE 4.0)
  • Flash 4MB
  • 6 GPIO (Dupont Pins) - (4 connected to the mic/amplifier)
  • GROVE/4Pin PH2.0 interface
  • 1x SK6812 LED
  • 1x Infra-red LED
  • 1x programmable button
  • 1x reset button
  • Speaker-0.5W/NS4168 I2S
  • Microphone-SPM1423 PDM

The factory default firmware is a Bluetooth speaker, which uses the A2DP protocol to transmit audio data(call reception is not supported). After power on, the red LED is displayed. When the connection with a Bluetooth device is established, the LED turns green and sounds can be output from the M5Stack ATOM Echo. The LED turns red when the device disconnects. The firmware is compiled on the ESP-IDF platform.

Furthermore, it is also compatible with MicroPython, like every ESP32 device. However, neither the official nor the M5Stack MicroPython versions support I2S by default. Therefore, you need to extend the version and compile it by following the instructions on this link.