My project (Energy and Water Mushroom), prototype in scale under construction, provides for a wind turbine with vertical blades about 1 meter high, a cistern capable of collecting rainwater (about 1.5 meters high and with a diameter of about 2.7 meters), 4 solar panels with a power of about 200-300 watts each, a hydroelectric generator with a power of about 60/100 watt, a battery energy accumulator and an inverter from 12 VDC to 220 VAC. Rainwater, falling inside the upper part of the mushroom, passes through a tube or slides through the mushroom hat inside the tank. By opening the tap, the water flows through a hydroelectric generator which, in addition to supplying the water, generates a current that recharges the internal batteries of the mushroom. In the central part of the mushroom, a wind turbine with vertical blades is installed which, in case of wind, generates current and charges the batteries installed inside the mushroom. There are also four solar panels, which open as soon as they are irradiated by sunlight, storing energy in the batteries inside the mushroom. The energy stored by the batteries can be used to power the devices in the house such as: appliances, bulbs, etc.