• Running into Issues.

    Esteban06/06/2020 at 17:57 0 comments

    Ive been running into this issue when trying to run the motor. The company which sells the motor driver shield for the Arduino has a demo code uploaded on github, so i copied it and put it on the Arduino. The shield also had to be adjusted for this type of motor with the hall sensor, so i had to remove and add a few resistors in some specific locations. The motor does not seem to want to run however. It starts and it vibrates but the cycle at which the voltage changes from the motor poles does not seem to be correct. It gets stuck and jumps back and forth between two positions instead of completing one whole rotation. The code is supposed to work with the Arduino Serial Monitor. You can input + or - and send as a command to the board that would increase or decrease the RPM of the motor by 100. This does not work. Instead, the arduino serial monitor just outputs 1 character which is this weird square with some odd figures inside of it.

    If youre concerned about the wiring, i have double and triple checked it to make sure, but here are some links as to how i did it for some verification of my work.

    This is the color coding and wiring for the pump.


    This is the motor driver pin layout which i used for reference to connect the pump. (Its the whole manual just scroll down a bit.)


    And i used this wiring layout with a different controller that the pump's manufacturer had on their website as reference to know where U, V , and W.


    This is the Demo code that i found on the shield's manufacturer's website.


    Its the BLDC_HALL since this motor has a hall sensor on it. And it asks for motor poles and reference rpm, which i set as 8 and 2000.

    The arduino is being powered separately through 5v usb. The motor is powered by a 24v power supply.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.