With the rising rates of Covid patients in many countries with the removal of lockdown and people returning to normal lives it is necessary to prevent contact to public interfaces like machines or touch panels, doors etc as much as possible.
There do exist sporadic solutions to the problems mentioned but no universal solution exists to encompass all problems. Hence, I want to build On my word - that will be an end-to-end solution for the post-Covid world


A universal hardware device that attaches to conventional touch panels and interfaces, take voice input and act based on information provided, eliminating the need for tapping keys on a panel


My solution would use a 2D rack and pinion mechanism of a variable size that attaches on top of any touch panel. On the pinion head would be a solenoid button that pushes to press buttons at specified locations on the grid on the basis of voice instructions supplied

If something confidential has to be typed like an ATM password, the user is asked to send the password to the controller board attached to the panel through a web app secured by AWS. The main controller would be the PSoC 6 Pioneer kit that is capable of effective sound processing and can easily support memory hungry ML algorithms running atop FreeRTOS.