Part number: MC14584BCP


The MC14584B Schmitt Trigger IC is manufactured with MOS P-channel and N-channel enhancement mode in a single non flexible structure. As it is an enhancement mode triggered IC which means it will start its operation when it will receive a signal and will turn ON. MC14584B IC is used where high noise immunity and low power dissipation is required.

                                                                              Figure 1

MC14584BCP Pins Assignment:

MC14584BCP IC has 14 pins. Pins assignment is shown in below Figure.

                                                                                  Figure 2



Pin Number

Pin Name





For Input of the IC




For Output of the IC




To be connected at the ground of the system



Vdd (+5V)

Reset all outputs as low, must be high for normal operation.


  • It has wide supply voltage range of 3 Vdc to 18 Vdc.
  • It has capability of running two Low Power Transistor transistor logic (TTL) loads.
  • All its input has Double diode protection.
  • It has feature of Schmitt Trigger- Hex Inverter.
  • Output Current High: -4.2 mA (at -55 C).
  • Output Current Low: 4.2 mA (at -55 C).
  • Quiescent Current: 1 uA (at -55 C).
  • Propagation Delay Time: 250 ns (at 25 C)
  • Hysteresis Voltage: Min 0.7 Vdc (at -55 C).
  • Rise and Fall Time: 100 ns (at 25 C)
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -55

MC14584BCP Equivalent: MT14069UB, NTE40106B.

Alternative Schmitt Triggers: CD40106, TC4584, SN74LS14.

Uses of MC14584BCP: 

MC14584BCP Hex Schmitt Trigger can be used in several ways as per our need. As we know that, The MC14584BCP Hex Schmitt Trigger IC is manufactured with Metal Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) P-channel and N-channel enhancement mode device in a single non elastic, rigid monolithic structure. If we look its internal circuitry it consists of six inverted Schmitt Triggers, consuming total of twelve pins of this IC. By using, these six inverted Schmitt Triggers we can utilize MC14584BCP IC to avoid undesired problems of Hysteresis. It can also help us to Square-up slowly changing waveforms using Schmitt Trigger properties that are working at two threshold voltage levels. In addition to these, It can also be used to invert the logics where required and could also be useful for de-bouncing a push button or other noisy input devices.

In summary, MC14584BCP Hex Schmitt trigger will ease the problems of those users, who are in the search of IC which can produce sharp square wave signal based on its input signal also which can resist noise simultaneously.

Working of MC14584BCP: 

As discussed before, MC14584BCP has six inverting Schmitt Triggering Gates which we can use individually or in combination as per our requirements. The simplified internal circuit can be shown as below in Figure .

We can combine individual gates to get non inverting gate. The input to Schmitt Trigger can be either noise square wave or any other signal which this MC14584BCP IC converts in to its non-noisy Square wave form.

Basically, those six Schmitt Trigger gates have individually two threshold voltage levels that are upper threshold level for Low to High transition and lower threshold level for High to Low transition. Initially the output will remain low until the input signal reaches upper threshold voltage level. As this input signal reaches upper threshold voltage level the output becomes high and it will remain in high state until and unless IC input...

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