Part number: PC410L


PC410L is is a optically contained coupled LED to an OPIC chip configuration, it is fabricated and designed for the fast speed characteristics and minimum switching loss. Uses in large power inverters and programmable controllers to achieve high input impedance and high power transmission.

Features and Specifications : 

  • High speed responses and maximum stability of 50 Nano per second
  • High and instant speed isolation voltage between input and output transition 3.75 kV
  • Maintains high noise immunity due to high instantaneous common mode voltage rejection.
  • For slow soldering double transfer mold package

Pinout Configuration and Schematic: 

The pinout configuration and schematic of the PC410L is 

Pin Number

Pin Name

Pin Description

Pin 1


The pin 1 is a anode pin configured with the diode

Pin 2


Pin 3


The pin 2 is a cathode pin connected in reverse bias

Pin 4


The ground pin is base to the configured pins

Pin 5

Open collector

The Amp configured pin is open collector pin

Pin 6

Power supply

Pin 6 is the power supply pin configured

PC410L schematic arrangement and design 


  • Used in the programmable controllers
  • Application in the power inverters and source inverters
  • For the fast switching speed controllers and processors

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