Connected up U-blox NEO 6M module

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A straightforward project to use an old Raspberry Pi

ken-yapKen Yap 07/15/2020 at 12:470 Comments

The module arrived today. It comprises a small breakout board for the module and a ceramic antenna.

I soldered a 4 pin header to the board, plugged it into the RPi breakout board and made the power and serial data connections following the instructable in the list of links.

I had to figure out how to start the gpsd service. At first I thought I had to enable the gpsd service with systemctl. Running the ncurses command line client cgps showed no connection to the module.

When I tried to run gpsd at the command line it said that the TCP and UDP sockets were already used. A quick look with lsof (which I installed on the fly) showed that systemd was holding them open. Huh?

A search of the Internet showed that this was indeed supposed to be the case, systemd listens on the Unix socket and network sockets and if a connection is made, it starts up gpsd.

So reenabling and starting the service running cgps eventually elicited a response from the module. There was no location fix, it stayed at mode:1 all the time.


I will have to move it to a location nearer a window.