Arduino shield soldering station for Weller RT/RTM tips with 0.96" OLED display

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As an electronics enthusiast I am fortunate to work in the electronics field and I have started welding the first components with a soldering station from Weller.
By developing electronics projects even at home, the expense of a soldering station like that of Weller is not justified so following various projects of other soldering stations I have built myself.
I opted to make a shield that adapts to Arduino for simplicity and cost.


  • Measurement of the input voltage;
  • Rotary encoder for menu and temperature management;
  • Oled display 0.96” SPI;
  • Screw terminal blocks for easy insertion of cables;
  • Cold junction compensation by NTC;
  • OPAMP with low offset voltage for better thermocouple acquisition;
  • Current measurement by shunt resistance;
  • Automatic shutdown with the possibility of setting the time;
  • PID regulation;
  • Personalized settings;
  • Save in eeprom of temperatures, PID and shutdown time;
  • Protection for low voltage, high temperature, polarity inversion and tip not connected.

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  • 1 × Arduino Uno
  • 1 × HILETGO 0.96" OLED
  • 1 × INA138 Power Management ICs / Power Supply Support
  • 1 × OA1ZHA
  • 1 × NTC Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components

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