Vacuum Bed Snag , Ordering a 12” bed

A project log for Clear N95 + Mask , 3d Printed & Vacuum Formed

Covid-19 and Flu, 3d Printed and Vacuum Formed for Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impaired, Deaf, Autistic and Elderly

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 06/23/2020 at 00:370 Comments

after I tested out the frame buck on the bed it was a little small. The 8 x 10 bed however is fine for just vacuum molding the clear section of the mask which was originally intended.  So it looks like I will have a dedicated buck and table for each part which is not a bad idea when your trying to mass produce these things. This next table ordered for me as a Fathers Day present is a 12 x 12 table.

This is the second table I custom ordered from Pedro Shop. surprisingly this is a very common day to make vacuum parts, the table is normally wood with a pegboard top , but Predros are very good quality for the price he charges to build them.