When the ESP8266 came onto the 2014 IOT scene by storm in the form of a tiny 8-pin system-on-chip repleat with on-board WIFI,  I was an eager early adopter.  I bought a fistful of dirt-cheap ESP-01's with great intentions to build a network of portable connected widgets.  And that's when I never got past the "AT" interface, weird (to me) programming interface and API.  ESP-01's abandoned - gathering dust.

When Arduino began supporting ESP8266 and open-source platforms like NodeMCU, Thing and HUZZAH started to gain traction, I got the bright idea to leverage features from these and make an easy to use motherboard for ESP-01. 

With only 4 pins of I/O, you might think there's not much beyond a serial interface and WIFI-ing your way to glorified IOT blinkenlights.  I knew that I2C bus would work marvelously with the ESP-01's remaining GPIO pins, and with Sparkfun's implementation of a standard I2C bus for their QWIIC ecosystem, the time was right for some MAJIIC.

Blank SMD boards are available through OSH Park


Contact the project if you're interested in populated SMD boards.