Mod-less base station and 'blinkScript'

A project log for syncBlink (formerly known as muRLi)

syncBlink is a wireless connected mesh of LED nodes which are synchronously reacting to music/sound. Using a EEPROM cartridge for scripting.

GerritGerrit 01/16/2021 at 18:390 Comments

The last few months I mainly worked on creating a custom script interpreter for 'syncBlink'.
All available script interpreters I used and tested had some limitations or I was not able to get it run on the ESP8266. Thats why I decided to write an own interpreter, because why not. At the same time I created a mod-less version of syncBlink which also exposes a web application. The web application provides the following features at the moment:

- Switching Mods

- Setting WiFi connection

- Mod Editor