The Handless Guitar

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Everyone want to learn guitar at some point of their life, but due to lack of time or also due to some physical set back we drop this idea. But now no more sad faces. I am trying to develop a guitar such that it can be controlled with the brain waves. So if a person is specially abled then he or she can just think of a song and corresponding guitar chords and the moment they will think about those chords , those brain waves will be send to receivers attached to the guitar. Which will then decode the signal and with the help of control systems those decoded signals can be executed by the robotic mechanical arms connected to the guitar which will play the chords or string accordingly. I really believe each individual has right to experience every pleasurable thing in their lives and guitar is one of them and thus no physical incapabilities should cause this hindrance.I still have to research a lot on this,maybe it will take time, but I'm really looking forward to make it a success.
  • 2 × Arduino This will be used to control mechanical arm
  • 1 × Guitar Any acoustic or electric guitar
  • 1 × EEG (electroencephalograph) for detection of brain waves
  • 1 × Electrodes to provide electric contact
  • 2 × Raspberry pi This will be the brain of the system

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