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A project log for 3D printed Joystick

Analog 3 axis 3D printed JOYSTICK using FiberGrid.

rand3289rand3289 06/11/2020 at 06:450 Comments

Joystick seems to be working well.  Gently pressing one side of the button seems to dim the fibers slowly as intended!  Fibers are illuminated by a 3 mm red LED.  The LED is powered by 2 AAA batteries through a resistor.  Here is how they look in the camera:

 First impression is that the button(s) can be pressed too deep on one side blocking the light on all fibers.  I will make the lid thicker to prevent this.  Also, I think I am going to turn the "X" in the joystick body 45 degrees to make it easier to read the joystick... I though having 2 fibers dim when one corner is pressed would be better but it might be the opposite.