Cats and Computers

Why do cats love computers?

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Working from home? Is your pet cat wreaking havoc on your desktop and decreasing productivity?

Our beloved cats have always gravitated towards computers. Whether its a desktop PC or laptop, the cat appears out of nowhere and will get as close as possible. The best case scenario is he will end up sitting on my lap (or shoulders) however one day while I was working in file manager, the cat decided to use the keyboard to "springboard" up to the laser printer, and he nearly deleted a data folder. Subsequently I have had to take the precautionary measure to remove the "delete" key from my keyboard...

The use of a thermal imaging camera reveals one of the reasons cats love computers so much. Computers generate lots of heat, whirring fans pump it out from vents. Cases and enclosures become warm and the cat will soon learn to find the hot spots! His particular favorite is the laptop that I use for video editing - the 2 exhaust fans provide a toasty treat for the fel

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Patrick Hickey wrote 06/10/2020 at 17:09 point

Richard, yes indeed! Originally bought the thermal imager to check LED heat dissipation but it’s incredibly useful in everyday life (eg in the kitchen) and a source of amusement to visitors! 

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Richard Hogben wrote 06/10/2020 at 16:11 point

Any excuse to play with a thermal camera and post cat photos ;)

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