Altoids-point, Wifi repeater And VPN gateway

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I Travel for work, and spend Alot of my time in hotel rooms,
where the Wifi usually have a captive portal that need some sort of interaction,
room number, passcode, member id, etc.

to make the time pass, I bring tinker projects, a-lot of ESP-8266 and ESP-32 devices

and to program for them, and have them get online with the above captive portal
just seems harder than what its worth.

so I connect up My Altoids-Point to the hotel Wifi. do the login thing from a phone or laptop.
and from there on it remains connected. while distributing its own Wifi "ALTOIDS" ofcourse
which the ESP's are quite happy to use.

additionally I route the traffic to my VPN server at home.
and they are thus on my internal home network. making things much simpler

it also works without power connected at the coffe shop, running from the internal battery

The antenna unscrews, and packs neatly inside the case,

Why an Altoids tin? haha. Your must be new here..


Ralink RA5350 SOC         (recovered from an old SRICAM AP-009 IP Camera)
1x MIPS-32 core @ 360MHz
32mb RAM
8mb Flash

USB Lithium charger
DC-DC boost converter
Li-Po Battery's  3x 1100mAh (when they where new)


OpenWrt 19.07.2
Travelmate plugin


Speed tested around  13 Mbps Down & 8 Mbps Up  (without VPN)
Speed tested around  3 Mbps Down & 2 Mbps Up  (with VPN   its a bit CPU limited...)

General use, Streaming, surfing  gives in excess of 5 Hrs on the Internal Battery

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