Hub-hood, hooded-hub, hood for the hub... The hub gets a cover :)

A project log for WinDIY - HAWT Wind turbine

Mostly 3D printed HAWT windturbine incl. 3D printed disk-generator and brake system.

FabFab 06/14/2020 at 12:340 Comments

The WinDIY hub is literally at the forefront. In addition to the many forces that it has to endure, it also includes mechanics that are quite important for the function of WinDIY.

In addition, most of the mechanical parts come from the 3D printer and (of course depending on the material) are sensitive to weather influences such as UV light.

To protect the mechanics and the general structures of WinDIY at least somewhat from the weather, it is of course also provided with a hood. After assembling the hub, this is simply attached from the outside with three screws. :)