A couple of mind games: What could you do with a "WinDIY hotspot"?

A project log for WinDIY - HAWT Wind turbine

Mostly 3D printed HAWT windturbine incl. 3D printed disk-generator and brake system.

FabFab 07/20/2020 at 13:480 Comments

Yesterday I started designing the board for the Nerdiskerator-controller (See my thoughts about that here: 

During this I also provided a slot for a micro SD card, for example to be able to save log files on it. It occurred to me that it is somehow a shame to use this SD card only to stuff it with .csv files. Especially if the development of WinDIY is largely completed, this SD card slot would be largely useless.

So I got the idea that WinDIY could not only be used to provide energy.
With the help of the SD card slot, WinDIY could also be used to provide information locally and independently of other infrastructure.
Since I plan to use an ESP32 as the heart of the controller, WiFi functionality is already available anyway.
It would therefore be easy to install a web portal in the controller firmware that enables information to be uploaded and downloaded to the built-in SD card via WiFi.
Because the wind turbine should be installed at a high location/pile, WiFi reception would be good.

A couple of usecases I have in mind are the following:

In order to make it easier to read all this information, a manual consisting of pictograms and / or QR codes would be included at the base of WinDIY, which uses pictures to explain which information can be found here and, above all, how to get there.

What do you think about that? :)