Using a virtual machine for testing

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Give me a minute

matt oppenheimmatt oppenheim 06/13/2020 at 19:140 Comments

I like Linux. This is an OS designed by programmers, built by programmers, for programmers to program. Unfortunately the communication software used by my target user group does not run on Linux - Windows or MacOS only. One day it would be nice to look at an open source communication software package on Linux. In the meantime, I installed a Windows 10 virtual machine (VM). I got Windows 10 for free through my local University where I retain an unpaid honorary position during my time off from working at sea.

I use VirtualBox to host the VM. Be sure to install the Virtual Box Guest Additions add on to enable the VM window to resize to the full extent of your monitor, amongst other extensions.

Sensory Software were kind enough to give me a licence for their Grid 3 software. One advantage of the VM is that I can swap the hard drive with this on between different machines without being asked for a new licence.

I also have a licence for Communicator, but so far I haven't managed to get this software to run.