In this article, we will be discussing the various application or relay driver modules which can be used in our daily circuit that need problems at a very low cost and they are readily available from UTSource .

So first we will discuss ULN2803 

Introduction to ULN2803

It is a Darlington transistor array which is capable of handling high power applications and this component has eight Darlington pairs and common cathode clamp diode which provides it with a very high range of operating voltage.

The above picture shows a physical image of the ULN2803 Transistor

Specifications of Operation of ULN2803

The various specifications of operation of the ULN2803 are listed below

  • This has a 500mA rated collector current in a single output channel 
  • It also provides high voltage outputs of 50V.
  • This diode can be used as clamp diodes.
  • The inputs are compatible with various logical inputs.

Test circuit diagram of the ULN2803

Pinout Configuration of the ULN2803 

The simple pinout diagram for the ULN2803 transistor is given below.

Applications of ULN2803

  • This device is used as a Hammer amplifier.
  • This device is also used as relay drivers.
  • This device is used as Lamp drivers.
  • This device is used as Display drivers also.
  • This is used as logic buffers also in various circuits.
  • In IP Camera this type of transistor is used.

Introduction to TIP36C

This is a simple transistor which is used for simple audio amplification use. Which has a Collector-Base voltage of 100V and Collector - emitter voltage 100V and it has collector current of 25A.

The above picture shows a physical description of the TIP36C.

Test circuit diagram of the TIP36C

Specifications of TIP36C 

The various specifications of the TIP36C are listed below 

  • It has a very high current carrying capability.
  • It has a high power dissipation.
  • It also has a high current-emitter breakdown voltage of -200V.
  • This is a compliment to the 2SC3821.

Applications of TIP36C

The various applications of the TIP36C are listed below

  • This transistor is used as power amplifier applications.
  • The transistor is recommended for use in 100W high fidelity audio frequency amplifier applications .

For the 2SA1302 this transistor has also similar type of applications compared to the previously discussed two transistors and it is also used in the high power amplification circuits .

The various applications of the 2SA1302

  • It has very high impedance.
  • The output voltage band is very high so it provides the circuit damage protection factors for this feature It becomes very unique than other transistors .
  • This comes with a band that is responsible for the circuit cut out in higher temperatures .
  • In the high power amplification circuit operations this transistor can be easily used .
  • It can be used in audio amplifiers . 
  • In personal computers even in cars and other music systems this transistor can be used.


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