2SC2879 Transistor description

2SC2879 is an NPN transistor its designed to operate at a rated voltage of 45V, 25 amperes collector current and at a frequency range of 2-30MHz. it has a small base trigger voltage of 4V. With 2SC2879 being a transistor, its design makes it to function as amplifier or a switching device. It’s made up of three terminals: base, emitter and collector.

Pin configuration

The base terminal for 2SC2879 transistor it’s doping level is lower than that of emitter and collector. It is kept small to ensure that emitter charge carriers entering base does not recombine in the base region hence the charge carriers move directed towards the collector region. When small amount is supplied to the base terminal the ate get triggered which allows high current to flow from collector to emitter. 
Emitter terminal which is power drain terminal is heavily doped so that it can supply charge carrier to the collector via the base. Current supplied through the collector is drained out through emitter which is normally connected to ground. Electrons moves from the emitter to collector.
Collector terminal it’s where very high current is supplied through, the terminal is moderately doped and its size region is slightly more than emitter due all the charge carriers that comes from the emitter to recombine at base.

The equivalent transistor to 2SC2879 is 2SC2879A .

Disadvantage: 2SC2879 transistor it has high price 

Working principle of 2SC2879 transistor

The three terminals for the 2SC2879 transistor each have it function. The base acts triggers gate controller for larger power supply devices. The collector is where high power is supplied through and the emitter is the outlet of the power. Small amount of current is used to control large amount of current this is by varying current from the base making the current flowing from the collector to the gate to be regulated.

Application of 2SC2879

The 2SC2879 transistor it’s used for both switching and linear amplifier applications because of its low triggering voltage of 4 V.

  • Deceives that apply small slew rate – slew rate ensures that circuit reduce the distortion and the transistor have fast output. Slew rate do determine the performance of the circuit. Exceeded slew rate limit circuit performance.
  • AF/RF application – in audio frequency and radio frequency circuit

Other application for 2SC2879 transistor are: Push-pull circuit, linear AF amplifiers because of its low triggering voltage.

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