2SC5200 NPN High Power Transistor

The 2SC5200 is an NPN high power transistor. It has 3 pins namely a) Base b) Emitter C) Collector and a collector to emitter voltage of 230 V and collector current of 30 A. As mentioned in title it’s not a normal transistor in fact it is High Power Transistor. The difference between normal transistor and power transistor is that power transistor is capable of carrying more current than normal transistor without melting or burning also power transistors have usually heat sinks for the dissipation of heat. The visual appearance is given in Figure below.

2SC5200 Pins Assignment:

2SC5200 Pins Assignment is shown in Figure.  Turn non-flat side towards your face on the very left side of transistor would be Base followed by Collector and Emitter respectively. 

Pins Configuration of 2SC5200:

Pin Number

Pin Name

Pins Description



Used to turn ON and turn OFF the transistor (Biasing)



Current flows in through this and usually connected to load



For current to flow out, connected with ground.

Features of 2SC5200:

  • High power NPN transistor.
  • Collector Base voltage: 230 V (at Ta = 25 C)
  • Collector Emitter voltage: 230 V (at Ta = 25 C)
  • Emitter base voltage: 15 V (at Ta = 25 C)
  • Continuous collector current:  15 A (at Ta = 25 C)
  • Base current: 1.5 V (at Tc = 25 C)
  • Transition frequency: 30 MHz
  • Collector power dissipation:   150 W
  • Junction temperature: 150 C
  • DC current Gain: 55 to 160 (at VCE = 5 V and IC =1 A)


  • Ta = Ambient Temperature
  • VCE = Collector Emitter Voltage
  • IC = Collector Current
  • Tc = Case Temperature

Equivalent of 2SC5200:  2SC3320, 2SC5242, 2SD1313

Alternative of 2SC5200: TTC5200

Use of 2SC5200:

Due to its features of High current gain along with its high collector current 2SC5200 NPN high power transistor is used in High power audio circuits or AM amplifier. 2SC5200 NPN high power transistors can also be used as medium power switches, in audio frequency and radio frequency circuits, for high current switching loads (upto 15A), in push pull configuration circuits and in devices with low Slew rate.

Working of 2SC5200 NPN High Power Transistor:

2SC5200 NPN high power transistor as discussed earlier has 3 terminals i-e. Base, Emitter and Collector and this 2SC5200 is high power NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor. 2SC5200 is often used with its compliment that is 2SC1943 PNP high power transistor in the design of amplifiers. As most amplifiers have push pull circuit which is furnished with the use of both NPN and PNP transistors. Using properties of 2SC5200 NPN transistor and 2SC1943 PNP transistor in combination can be utilized for the design of High power amplifier.

2SC5200 NPN high power transistor has four working regions it would be in Cut-off region when the topology is in reverse bias i.e. base terminal is connected with negative and emitter with positive terminal or in other case base is connected with positive terminal and collector is connected with negative terminal, In both these cases there will be only small leakage current flowing through transistor from collector to emitter.

A 2SC5200 NPN high power transistor will be in active state when base-emitter region is forward bias and collector-base region is reverse bias, In this region there will be flow of both base current and collector current with the increase in base current a collector current will too increase.

When both base-emitter and collector-base will be in forward bias this NPN power transistor would be working in quasi situation whereas, transistor would be in hard situation when it would be working in saturation under all operating conditions.

2D Model of 2SC5200:

2D model for 2SC5200 is illustrated in below Figure .

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