PCB sneak peek and wire documentation

A project log for Aruna - ROV

Modular ROV for underwater exploration, discovery and monitoring

Noeël MoeskopsNoeël Moeskops 06/24/2020 at 15:130 Comments

PCB sneak peek

For the last few weeks I have been hard at work at designing a PCB for the ROV.  It will include the base ESP32 module as is, plus a ton of extra sensors and connectors for much more sensors! One of these new sensors is an underwater pressure sensor that I got today.

Furthermore, here is a little sneak peek of the PCB (not yet finished):

Wiring documentation

There is a lot of cabling in the project. It can be quite complicated and it is easy to make mistakes or to forget to plug a wire back in when they become disconnected. This will only continue to grow with the project. So I create a document of all the wires and how they connect to each other.

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