Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino UNO/MEGA2560 Programmable circuit board with microcontroller with PWM pins and SDA/SCL connections.
1 × Push Button/Micro Switch For the cat to boop.
1 × M-M Dupont Wires, Resistors, LED's, etc. Other useful bits and bobs for all other connections, changing LED intensities, adding status lights, etc.
1 × 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor Used for dispensing treats.
1 × ULN2003A Stepper Motor Driver Hooked up to secondary power source to drive the motor. Has LED's to visualize the motor action (another visual cue for the cat during treat payout, kitty slot machine vibes).
1 × MB 102 Bread Board Power Supply Module Secondary power supply for the motor; Accepts input voltage less than 12 volts and ouputs 5 volts. Best used with a wall adapter because 9V batteries will be drained in only a couple hours of use....
1 × Solderless Bread Board Used mainly for the secondary power supply as well as for organizing other connections and adding stuff.
1 × MAX7219 8x8 Matrix Display Module An LED matrix with a common-cathode display driver for displaying symbolic cues for the cat.
1 × LCD1602A LCD Display Used as a stage selection screen as well as displaying stats while running a challenge.
1 × 2004 1602 LCD Display IIC/I2C Serial Interface Adapter Attached to the LCD so that the only pins you need on the Arduino for display operation is the SDA and SDL pins. It has a built in potentiometer for screen contrast and a jumper that you can remove to turn off the backlight or swap out for different resistors to change the backlight intensity.
1 × ~15 F-M Dupont Wires To connect all the header pins of the various modules to the board/Arduino