Demo of my setup

A project log for Simple Sane.d front-end for OSX

A simply front end to use a networked scanner on a Raspberry Pi from an OSX machine.

TimescaleTimescale 06/17/2020 at 11:540 Comments

A short demo of my setup as it stands now.

The printer used is my trusty ancient HP5N connected to a RaspberryPi 3B via a parallel-to-USB adapter. The Pi is running CUPS and Sane.d and also some hacks that power on my antique laser printer which was covered in THIS project on

The scanner is a Canon LIDE 220. A small budget unit that conveniently is powered via USB. The buttons do not work because the button-daemon interfered with the network sharing. The front-end software however does all we need it to do.

First I use the front end to scan a colour document directly to and then I scan a document in black and white directly to the printer.