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A project log for Nerdiskerator - A 3D printed disk generator

This is a mostly 3D printed disk generator build from 40 neodymium magnets and 12 self made coils

FabFab 06/14/2020 at 15:210 Comments

At the same time (or whenever I got stuck with the wing), I had already started developing the associated disk generator. I wrapped it around the neodymium magnets that I already had at home. With a length of 13mm and a diameter of 13mm (cylindrical shape), these do not actually correspond to the typical magnetic shape for disk generators. But back then I still thought that this would be a small weekend project for which I would not need to buy extra magnets. : D

For the first design, I only fixed the magnets in the rotor with screws. For this purpose, the rotor did not get all twelve but only four coils. So at least I had already set up a test phase.

A first test with the cordless screwdriver showed an electrical output power of ~ 23W. There is certainly more here. But I think that the cordless screwdriver was not able to deliver more mechanical power to the shaft of the generator. More mechanical power would of course also lead to a higher electrical output of the generator. :)