Coil cores for the "Nerdiskerator"

A project log for Nerdiskerator - A 3D printed disk generator

This is a mostly 3D printed disk generator build from 40 neodymium magnets and 12 self made coils

FabFab 06/14/2020 at 15:240 Comments

With the coil cores for the "Nerdiskerator", I struggled a bit with the disadvantages of FDM printers with overhanging structures. Because even with support material, the overhanging structures were never as precise as i needed7wanted them. That's why I finally decided to build the coil cores from two individually printed halves. These are put together after printing and temporarily held together with some adhesive. Since they are later cast with some epoxy in the sator, the adhesive only has to hold the two halves together up to this point. But more on that later. :)

At filament, I experimented with ASA filament for the first time. I usually print with PLA. However, I am afraid that with higher power the temperature in the coils could rise and thus deform the PLA. To prevent this, I want to use the ASA filament for the coil cores and maybe also for the stator. Thanks to the significantly higher melting temperature and the generally higher strength, this should prevent the stator from deforming at higher powers.

In order to be able to monitor this during operation, three NTCs for temperature monitoring are cast between the coils in the stator. :)