Start of development of the "Nerdiskerator-controller"

A project log for Nerdiskerator - A 3D printed disk generator

This is a mostly 3D printed disk generator build from 40 neodymium magnets and 12 self made coils

FabFab 07/20/2020 at 13:360 Comments

Yesterday I (finally) started developing the controller for the Nerdiskerator. This should monitor the various sensor values and intervene if necessary in a regulatory manner or even deactivate WinDIY. Of course, I noticed a few things on my previous sensor-/actuator list that I would like to change.

Here I just wanted to describe what and why I changed it :

So much for the things I want to change or remove. Here are the things I would like to add:

Thoughts about the software implementation:

Of course, all of these lists are not exhaustive and changes are likely. I mostly only notice when developing the circuit and later when installing whether something is necessary / suitable. :)

Therefore: If you have any other ideas or suggestions, I look forward to your suggestions. :)