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A project log for QubeCast Max

QubeCast Max is a high powered radio module for PocketQube Satellites, HAB payloads, or anything that needs a small radio transciever.

ozqubeOzQube 08/20/2014 at 12:230 Comments

So I need a system design document to meet the entry requirements. In case the design isn't clear from the description, the project logs and the video, here's a basic diagram:

All the software/coding is done on the arduino.

And an actual update - the Arduino Adapter board still hasn't arrived :-( 

I've been considering alternatives for powering the test board. The following are some options:

1. A TI TPS63001 Buck/Boost regulator on the Rev2 Arduino Adapter, which will allow the setup to run from a LiPo battery

2. One of the Linear Tech charging IC's that has a built-in regulator....but that may be more expensive. It'll let me run from USB and charge the battery in a single IC though.

3. Find something in the SeeedStudio Open parts library that I just received.

Open to suggestions, so feel free to comment :-)