Murder Machine

Speculating on the details of real-time murders in Venezuela. Art Installation

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In 2012 there were 21,692 violent deaths in Venezuela. In 2013 that number was 24,763, and this year that number is expected to rise beyond 27,000. That is almost 0.1% of the entire population of the country and one murder every 20 minutes.

The Murder Machine is an experimental infographic depicting the frequency of murders in the country. The machine creates a real-time feed of hypothetical murder reports. It combines pieces taken from real Venezuelan news reports, deconstructs and reassembles them to create new headlines every twenty minutes. Each headline describes in detail a murder that may have easily taken place in Venezuela but is still unreported.

Arduino, Thermal Printer, Ethernet Shield, Ammunition Box.
  • 1 × Arduino Uno
  • 1 × Thermal Printer
  • 1 × Seeed Arduino Ethernet Shield

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luigilabel wrote 02/28/2015 at 13:39 point

Esta interesante tu obra. Como dice Adam Fabio, podrías compartir tu proceso creativo para futuros creadores. Es realmente una lastima que este tipo de criticas sociales sea lo que se lee y oye de Venezuela pero que bueno que tu le das una voz a la realidad.

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Adam Fabio wrote 07/03/2014 at 05:16 point
A sobering project - and very timely. Thank you for entering The Hackaday Prize. Please upload some schematics and source code when you can - the more open the better for future artists and experimenters to expand upon your work!

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