Join The Resistance! DIY load tester 24-50W 6 Ohm Resistors

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Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 09/18/2020 at 15:420 Comments


DIY DUMMY LOAD for testing the home made power supply before being tested on the drone in the air.

I wanted and needed a way to safely apply a load to the power supply to test the capacity of the power supplies I am building. They are rated from the manufacturer at 504 watts on 12 Volts and 42 amps. I do not want to damage the brand new power supply so we will gradually apply a load and connect a amp meter and thermocouple to monitor temps. We also need to know what heat sink would be best if any to keep it within operating temperature. We have a FLIR ONE camera to monitor both the temps on the power supply and the resistor bank too. It this case we have a 1/4" aluminum bar with double sided heat sink tape holding the resistors on. If this tape is not good enough we will move to past and screw in the resistors, but I think it will be OK. Plus we are only running the resistors at half capacity to reduce the chance of damaging one or more of them.