Moving from Proto Board to Printed Circuit

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Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 11/04/2020 at 18:070 Comments

Hello guys, I am putting a couple posts in here and I will move some pictures from my phone. I assessed the damage and ordered parts for the next version.  As stated in the most recent flight the 220v Step UP converter pushed well over 275 volt thresh hold causing damage to one ESC and also the sensors on the Pixhawk no longer worked. A couple of ESCs were not spinning up the props as fast , they seemed to only have half the throttle response.  That being said we have a few parts that just arrived.

7 of the DJI 420 ESCs because the e300 have been discontinued buying individually. 

1 Radiolink Pixhawk PX4  set to replace this one

2-2212kv motors to swap the overvolted motors that were not putting out full power.

Since the machine is basically grounded at this moment I took the time to move from Proto Board lightweight power supplies to subcompact light ones made for me from Meanwell special order. They are .4kg each, right at 1 pound, so 4 (2000 watts worth) is approx. 4 pounds. I will weight them and give comparisons with pictures too.

I am building a wattage test bench as well to tune the power supplies to the motors, adjusting voltage so we arrive at the best sweet spot for wattage to lift ratio. Right now the estimated mas is 22 pounds of thrust/lift, but this needs to be confirmed using the new power supplies. Surprisingly these power supplies only run a bout 108 dollars each where I think I spent around 230 each building my own. I guess Prototyping always costs more money than the end product !!