Reaming the props for perfect fit

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Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 08/02/2020 at 04:000 Comments

This is sort of uneventful, but there are tedious tasks you need to do when prepping any aircraft. Reaming custom props to match your motor shaft perfectly with no play is one of them. I picked up a reaming tool typically used for wood from Great Planes. The shaft of a DJI 2212 is just shy of 8mm thick when measured by a micrometer.   Because of the motors that will be pointed down in operation, there are no DJI self tightening props that will work. I actually need to Ream the props and mount them in reverse to be in the correct orientation. Also moving from 9.4 in x 4.5in to 10 in x 5 inch provides a bit more thrust over the original props.

I have finished reaming and matching props to the motors. Next I need to balance then on both blades as well as the hub. More on that soon...