Quantity   Component name
12 × DJI 2212 920kv motors
12 × 12 white Slow Fly Props
12 × DJI e300 ESCs for the first 3 versions
7 × DJI E420 ESCs swapping ESCs due to availability of the E300 being discontinued, it is best to have all matching equipment on the same level all the way around a drone.
4 × PAC12 Delta 500 Watt Power Supply modules
2 × Off branded 600 watt switching power supplies This was for the first and second version of the drone, these proved to not produce the current, not even half rated.
2 × Radio Link PX4 one to use one to spare
1 × 2000 watts 110v to 220v step up transformer this proved to be a bad unit, the voltage was well over 275 volts and started burning MOVs rates to start clamping at 275 volts.
3 × S3003 lightweight servos These are for PAN and Tilt of antenna and camera mechanism for targeting a intended area to make long range wifi connection.
4 × Meanwell Green Compact 500 watt medical grade power supply The latests version of power supplies are now just 1 pound and put our 550 watts max
6 × rolls of White PLA for the project
2 × rolls of black PLA for the project
1 × Radiolink AT10 TX and reciever
4 × CPE210 2.4 ghz 65 degree antenna 3-5 miles TP link WISP module with normal 802.11 support
4 × CPE510 5ghz 45 degree antenna 5-7 miles TP link WISP module with normal 802.11 support
1 × Gold Aluminum Foil its pretty and light weight RF shield and reflective material