Project Update - Pushing my Buttons

A project log for Fully Functional* Pip-Boy™ 2000 Mk VI

*with varying degrees of function

VincentVincent 08/05/2020 at 08:150 Comments

Hey all, it's been a while since there was a new Project Log. I've been fiddling around with the Holotape Module to see if I can get the OLEDs to work.

The good news:

The bad news:

Lastly, the main reason for the title, is that I've found the perfect drop-in replacement for the top red button on the Pip-Boy:

It's the LP0125CMKW01C - Pushbutton Switch 1CO ON-(ON) Black / Red, by NKK.
I only had to snip off an alignment peg below the rim of the button for it to snap into place.
The click it gives is amazing, and it fits like a glove! The button is a bit brighter red than the original, but it's on point! The original button uses a spring on a peg I believe, so I cut the peg, and the button fits perfectly.

The next step is to figure out what to do with the button! If I can find a way to remotely start the BlackBerry, this would be the excellent button to utilize for that function. Time to put on the thinking cap!

The next project log will cover the Pip Boy Stand I bought recently, and my plans for that.
Stay tuned!