Description of STRW6052S

The STR-W6000S IC is a power IC used for switching power supplies. It consists of a MOSFET and a current mode pulse-width modulation controller IC. During normal operations, automatic switching between the pulse-width modulation controller results to a low standby power. burst-oscillation are produced during light load conditions. The IC have high cost-performance with power supply system’s having few external elements.

Pin No.

Pin Name




MOSFET drain and start up current input



Pin removed



MOSFET source and over current protection



This is the pin for power supply voltage input for control part and over voltage protection (OVP) signal input



This pin is the ground for the IC



This is the constant voltage control signal input and over load protection signal input.



This is the Brown-In and Brown-Out detection voltage input.

STRW6052S specifications and features

  • The IC has Current Mode type pulse-width modulation control
  • It consists of the functionality of Brown-In and Brown-Out.
  • It has Auto Standby utility where the power utilization is less than 30 mWb at no load.
  • Operation Mode: There are two modes that is, the Normal Operation mode or the pulse-width modulation mode and Standby or Burst Oscillation Mode
  • It has the functionality of Random Switching.
  • To avert sub-harmonic oscillations, the IC has the functionality of slope compensation.
  • Consists of the leading edge blanking utility.
  • It has the utility of bias assist
  • When at standby mode, the IC is capable of suppressing audible noise.

 It encompasses of the following protection schemes; it has a thermal shutdown protection where it automatically restart, During overvoltage and overload, the IC automatically restarts; When there is overcurrent the IC is protected by pulse-by-pulse scheme. 

Control method



Power IC

Output Current

40 W

RDS(ON) maximum


VDSS minimum

650 V

VCC maximum

32 V

Oscillating frequency

67 Hz




Auto Restart


Auto Restart

Brown-in / out



Auto Restart

Power Consumption at No Load


Working principle STRW6052S

STRW6052S consists of a start up circuit coupled to the D/ST. The start up circuit starts operating when the D/ST voltage attains start up circuit operation voltage of 40V. Constant current charges at the VCC pin during the start up process to reach a voltage of 15.3V and at this point the control circuit starts operation. It should be noted that the PCB traces D/ST pins must be extensive so as to improve the loss of heat from the circuitry. The oscillation starts timing is dependent on Brown-In and Brown-Out function such that without Brown-In and Brown-Out function, when voltage at VCC increase to VCC(ON), the STRW6052S begins switching functions. 

Applications of STRW6052S

It’s used in white goods such as  refrigerators and washing machines, Office automation equipment and Industrial equipment. The IC is used to make a control circuit for the appliances. In these applications, the power supply should be designed such that D/ST consumes large transient surge voltages. A clamp snubber circuit of a capacitor-resistor-diode must be installed on the primary winding. In case this is done a damper snubber circuit of a capacitor or a resistor-capacitor must be installed between D/ST and the S/OCP.

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