I've built several terminal boards over the years.  While the font isn't as nice as some others, this simple terminal board has many advantages.  It uses easily available thru-hole parts, the source code is freely available, and it supports a wide range of baud settings.

The credit clearly goes to others for the design.  I wanted to learn KiCad so used this as an opportunity to complete a simple project.

Please enjoy!

I have uploaded the gerber files to PCBWay to make ordering easy.  Current cost for 5 boards with shipping to the USA via DHL  is $22:


V1.0 of the PC board had the composite video connections backwards.  If you use a connector off the board and correct the wires it will work fine.

V1.1 and V1.0 did not account for the PIC32 not liking TTL voltage levels.  You can modify the circuit with a 220K resistor and trace cut as documented below.

V2.0 changes the RS232 driver to a MAX3232 which will output the correct 3.3v levels for the PIC32.  No trace cuts or modifications are required.  Also Capacitors C8-C12 can be either 1.0uf or 0.1uf (they are 1.0uf on the PC board and BOM).