Jumbo Remote Upgrade

Replace the obsolete micro controller board with a new one containing an Atmega328PB, bringing new life to this product!

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At last, a programmable remote control with a pico power saving atmega328pb!
I was looking for a remote for my elderly parents. This remote is perfect, but it has too many buttons and is too confusing for them.

I decided to write my own code for this remote because it did not support any of the newer TV's and other components. This way I would have 100% control over the devices it operates, the protocol, and the keys used. In my parents case, I disabled most of the keys in my code, leaving them with the basic functions so they don't leave their TV is some strange mode unable to watch!
The stock remote has two circuit boards, one for the keyboard, and another smaller board that contains the MCU and the necessary infrared components. The only way was to replace the smaller board with one including a programmable micro controller. I also improved the IR output so it now works 25' away from the device!

Supports 6 of the most common infrared protocols.


How to Upgrade the Remote

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